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Pure Garcinia Helped Me Gain Confidence Again

garcinia-cambogia-extractRecently I started a new diet that I am pretty excited about. It was all about a month ago and I was cooking dinner while watching the Dr. OZ Show. He mentioned a new product made from a pumpkin like fruit from Asia and India. They use this pure garcinia cambogia to make chutney as well as soups. This got me to thinking, if someone else is using the rind from this fruit to make something they eat all the time. Then I knew it would be just fine for me to take. So I immediately ordered some of this pure garcinia cambogia.

Garcinia_Cambogia_AppetiteAfter about two weeks, I noticed a huge improvement in my appetite as it had definitely decreased. It seemed as though I had started eating all the time to find that one craving I was looking for, I was only gaining weight and never finding that dessert I had a desire for. Come to find out the pure garcinia cambogia helped my body to produce more serotonin and thus the reason I wasn’t trying to eat things I craved any longer. The cravings were actually gone and I started sleeping like a baby. Pure garcinia cambogia really made my life so much better.
The other day, I ran into an old friend from high school and she couldn’t believe that I had kept my old figure and just kept telling me how great I looked. I knew then, that I would be a pure garcinina cambogia consumer for life. I now can just maintain my healthier life with exercise and diet, but if I feel the pounds to start creeping back on again, like around the holidays, I will just start on the pure garcinia cambogia until I have the outcome that I am pleased with.

I have to admit, part of me didn’t want to tell my secret to the friend from school, but the other part of me, just couldn’t hold it in. I did finally tell her I had been taking pure garcinia cambogia and that it was the reason I could still be that perfect size 6. What she doesn’t know is that I had belly fat, and a big appetite and for someone that is only around 5 feet tall, that is not a good combination. Pure garcina cambogia also helped to lower my cholesterol and my insulin levels and because of that, my doctor was equally impressed.

garcinia_cambogiaI am so thankful I was watching Dr. Oz that day while cooking dinner and I am so thankful that he is always faithful to mention the healthiest remedies for a healthy life. I feel as though I have gained back my confidence while taking pure garcinia cambogia. I no longer want to shy away from shopping for clothes when a new season comes around, and I love looking in the mirror. I like that girl looking back at me and I gained all of this just by a little bit of exercise, a better way of eating and taking my pure garcinia cambogia thirty minutes before each meal.

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